Happy birthday, Comic Sans

Dear typeface, over 20 years old and still going strong, congratulations on that! I've seen you in so many places, you were kind of hard to avoid. You are a blessing to everyone looking for a friendly word and you are a pain for those who prefer a straight face. You have been used on countless birthday cards and I even saw you in obituaries and on gravestones. You've made many people happy and you've made quite some people cry too. All this time I saw you, but you didn't see me. Now it's time for me to come out and play too. But I play more serious than you do. I'm almost funny and I tell tales with a straight face most of the time. My name is Serious Sans and I can only hope I will do half as well as you.

Not as serious as kerning,
not as comic as sans.

About Serious Sans: The way the strokes of this typeface are drawn feels familiar because they look a lot like Comic Sans, making it as friendly as ever. But the skeleton that holds everything up is more formal than you are used to. As all elements are optically aligned, it is not half as playful as Comic Sans, but it brings something else to the table: credibility. As the joke goes, Serious Sans still may not have a severe 'Fortune 500' look, but it does not say 'Lemonade Stand' either.


Serious Sans Pro is available through MyFonts. It is similar to the free version but has close to 550 characters, supporting all European languages, from Icelandic in the north-west to Turkish in the south-east. The Pro version also includes small caps and four different styles of figures. A matching Italic and Bold are made to go with the regular, for a small but complete and versatile family.

Serious Sans Try is a fully functional font, with a limited set of characters: all accents and math elements have been removed, but there is enough left to try Serious Sans. If you like more versatility you can order Serious Sans Pro by clicking the 'buy here' button you see in the right column.

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Serious Sans For Free

That's about it, this is about me:

Serious Sans is a typeface from Ogentroost; you can find me on the web, on Facebook, Twitter or Behance and you can send me an e-mail